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Madison Swing RUS459Y Patio Swing Products

Madison Swing RUS459Y Patio Swing Products


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Canopy is a 2-bar style frame and measures 75" (with 1.5" sleeves) x 44"

Basic Bench Style Cushion Covers (both backrest and seat) tie securely to your frame.  FILLING NOT INCLUDED.  

Order your filling (foam or polyester fiberfill) locally from an upholstery shop or online from cut-to-order foam suppliers.  We suggest you add 1/2" to length and width for a full fit. 

Our products are replacement products and are not identical to your original fabric components.

Seat cushion measures -  56.5" x 21" x 3"

Backrest cushion measures - 56.5" x 19" x 3"


3 chair style cushions 

Seat cushion measures - 19" x 21" x 3"

Backrest cushions measures 19" x 21"  x 3"

3 chair style Backrest Cushions/Bench style seat cushion

Backrest Cushions 19" x 21"  x 3"

Seat cushion 56.5 x 19" x 3"


 You will need a basic sling to use bench style cushions.  The sling is the support fabric for your cushions.  The original cushion was permanently attached to your swing frame.  We have redesigned and separated the cushion from the support fabric.  This allows you to remove your cushions during inclement weather and turn over for a longer life for your new cushions.  Basic Sling