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Have a Patio Swing? Let's bring it back to life!

Patio swings are lonely in the winter.  Sitting outside with the squirrels  interested in their swing cushions.  Hail, tree branches and snow piling up on their cover or swing canopy.  No one but the occasional cat sitting on their outdoor swing cushions trying to stay warm.  

And, then the month of May rolls around, and everyone wants to sit outside. But, the patio swing cushions have lost their stuffing to the squirrels.  The canopy has ripped with the large branch that fell on it and the cat has torn right through the swing cushion and the sling.  

What is a sling?  The sling is the support fabric for your patio swing cushion.  

Your patio swing frame is in great shape.  In fact, did you know that the frames of patio swings will last from 10-20 years? Unfortunately, the fabric the original manufacturer of your patio swing used for the outdoor swing cushions and the swing canopy or cover, often, does not even last through the second season.

First step in refurbishing your patio swing is checking out your frame.  Is it still sound?  A few rust spots do not matter.  Using a rust stopping paint will take care of small rust spots.  

Once you have determined your frame is still in great shape, it is time to paint!  Be creative.  You can choose any color you want.  Check out the choices for outdoor patio swing cushion fabrics to match the paint color you choose - Fabric Swatches

While your paint is drying, it is time to find the best replacement cushions and best replacement canopy or cover for your patio swing model.  Not sure of your model?  Some companies can help identify your patio swing with pictures.  Try this link for help in identifying your patio swing 

How to get the best outdoor swing cushions?  

You have choices of fabrics for your outdoor cushions.  Keep in mind, the outdoors is tough on fabric.  Be sure your cushions are made from a fabric that is waterproof, UV resistant and mildew resistant.  A lower quality fabric (a lower price) lets you know the product won't stand up to what Mother Nature will throw at it! 

The highest quality outdoor fabric on the market today is Sunbrella's® Awning/Marine grade fabric.  This fabric has a 10 year limited warranty.   

How to get the best patio swing canopy or cover?  

Just as you want the highest quality outdoor fabric for your swing cushions, you want the same for your patio swing canopy or cover.

Sunbrella's® Awning/Marine grade fabric is the best choice for patio swing canopies or covers.  

Now you just have to decide whether you want your swing cushions to match your patio swing canopy? Or do you want your patio swing cushions to complement your striped outdoor swing canopy or cover?  

This will be the hardest part of refurbishing your patio swing.  Deciding on the colors for your outdoor swing cushions and patio swing canopy!