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Taking care of your Patio Swing cushions and canopy

Finally able to enjoy your backyard?  How is your patio swing?  Useable?  

We have found that it takes just a weekend to get your swing back in shape.  Replacement patio swing cushions and a replacement canopy out of Sunbrella Fabric will bring your patio swing back to life.  

Once your swing is being used again, be sure to keep it that way.   Patio swing cushions fabricated out of Awning Grade Sunbrella have a lifetime of 10+ years.  To get the full lifetime of your replacement cushions or replacement canopy, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Have removable cushions? Bring them inside during inclement weather
  • Does your patio swing canopy have leaves, branches, etc. sitting on it?  An easy way to remove is with a broom.  Just sweep off your patio swing canopy.  
  • Avoid mildew or mold by removing standing water from your patio swing canopy or patio swing cushions.
  • Didn't get the standing water off in time? Remove mold and mildew on your patio swing cushions or patio swing canopy by following the link to cleaning instructions for Sunbrella patio swing canopies and cushions.  Fabric Care for Patio Swings

By following these few tips, you will extend the life of the fabric components on your patio swing.